Postfix increment and decrement operators

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1046 The operand of the postfix increment or decrement operator shall have qualified or unqualified real or pointer type and shall be a modifiable lvalue.

1047 The result of the postfix ++ operator is the value of the operand.

1048 After the result is obtained, the value of the operand is incremented.

1049 (That is, the value 1 of the appropriate type is added to it.)

1050 See the discussions of additive operators and compound assignment for information on constraints, types, and conversions and the effects of operations on pointers.

1051 The side effect of updating the stored value of the operand shall occur between the previous and the next sequence point.

1052 The postfix -- operator is analogous to the postfix ++ operator, except that the value of the operand is decremented (that is, the value 1 of the appropriate type is subtracted from it).

1053 Forward references: additive operators (6.5.6), compound assignment (


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