6.5.1 Primary expressions

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                ( expression )

976 An identifier is a primary expression, provided it has been declared as designating an object (in which case it is an lvalue) or a function (in which case it is a function designator).77)

977 A constant is a primary expression.

978 Its type depends on its form and value, as detailed in 6.4.4.

979 A string literal is a primary expression.

980 It is an lvalue with type as detailed in 6.4.5.

981 A parenthesized expression is a primary expression.

982 Its type and value are identical to those of the unparenthesized expression.

983 It is an lvalue, a function designator, or a void expression if the unparenthesized expression is, respectively, an lvalue, a function designator, or a void expression.

984 Forward references: declarations (6.7).


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