6.2.3 Name spaces of identifiers

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438 If more than one declaration of a particular identifier is visible at any point in a translation unit, the syntactic context disambiguates uses that refer to different entities.

439 Thus, there are separate name spaces for various categories of identifiers, as follows:

440 —  label names (disambiguated by the syntax of the label declaration and use);

441 —  the tags of structures, unions, and enumerations (disambiguated by following any24) of the keywords struct, union, or enum);

442 —  the members of structures or unions;

443 each structure or union has a separate name space for its members (disambiguated by the type of the expression used to access the member via the . or -> operator);

444 —  all other identifiers, called ordinary identifiers (declared in ordinary declarators or as enumeration constants).

445 Forward references: enumeration specifiers (, labeled statements (6.8.1), structure and union specifiers (, structure and union members (, tags (, the goto statement (

446 23) As specified in 6.2.1, the later declaration might hide the prior declaration.

447 24) There is only one name space for tags even though three are possible.


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